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Covid precaution policy

To guarantee the safety of our guests, staff, and partners, Kamenets Hotels fully complies with the WHO, Ministry of Health, and the Guidelines for the operation of accommodation, catering, and entertainment in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak in Bulgaria, as approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

We apologize if any of our new policies causes service delays or changes that you would see as inconvenient before COVID-19 takes effect. As a result, certain services and facilities may be unavailable or limited.

In connection with the prevention of COVID-19 infection, wearing a protective face mask upon checking in at the hotel and in all public places is mandatory.


  1. Disinfectant dispensers are available at the hotel’s entrance, reception, and in front of the elevators.
  2. When entering the hotel, guests are required to wear personal protection masks.
  3. The hotel reception desk is protected by PVC screens.
  4. To guarantee a safe distance, personal accommodation is provided. There are 1.5-meter-distance divider stickers on the floor for people who are waiting.
  5. Work surfaces, key cards, and POS terminals are disinfected on a regular basis. A list of RHI and emergency center phone numbers is available on-site at the reception desk.
Rooms for guests:
  1. To reduce the danger of infection with Covid-19, the rooms will only be cleaned at the guests’ request, by using the relevant sign or by a request at the reception.
  2. The essential spots in the rooms are disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis: door handles, TV remote control, telephone, mini bar, drawer and closet handles, switches and plugs, bathroom sanitary installations.
  3. The collection, temporary storage, delivery of used bed linen and towels, and respectively the delivery of clean bed linen and towels are all done in strict accordance with the health authorities’ regulatory requirements.
  4. Dirty linen and towels are collected in a laundry bag.
  5. All types of reusable items, including information and advertising pamphlets, blankets, pillows, and all decorative accessories, are exported from the rooms.
Restaurants and bars, lobby area
  1. All staff are equipped with protective clothing (masks, visors, and gloves).
  2. Upon entering the restaurants, guests must sanitize their hands via a disinfectant dispenser expressly positioned at each restaurant’s entryway.
  3. In the restaurant halls, special table arrangement has been made. The tables are separated by 1.5 meters in order to maintain social distance.
  4. A maximum of 4 persons may sit at one table, unless they are members of the same family.
  5. A meal schedule will be implemented if necessary to maintain the desired distance. Each guest will be notified of the time range for their meal. Please keep in mind that if you miss your meal time, you may have to wait for the next available one.
  6. Buffet served by a restaurant employee::
    Buffets and bars in restaurants are divided by PVC screens and the food is served done by a company employee wearing a mask/visor and gloves. The guests have no direct contact with the buffed food. The guests indicate their food choice, and an employee of the restaurant serves it to them.
  7. Buffet, self-service:
    The guests pour their own meal. They must maintain the proper social distance and movement direction. They must wear a mask and glove while pouring food.
  8. Guests in the dining areas must observe the rules of social distance.
  9. All service utensils (tongs, serving spoons, etc.) will be replaced with new disinfected ones.
  10. Additional spices and utensils are provided on request.
  11. The restaurant’s front of house is sanitized after each meal, including the floor, table tops, and chair handles. The surfaces of the buffet and various food and beverage auxiliary modules, as well as the worktop of the restaurant’s bar, are also disinfected. All beverage vending machines are disinfected in the same sequence by emphasizing the buttons.
  12. HACCP is strictly enforced in kitchens, and personal hygiene measures, such as the usage of gloves, masks, and hand disinfection, are strengthened.
Fitness and swimming pools
  1. Disinfection dispensers are provided for guests at the entrances and critical points.
  2. Disinfection of the fitness and swimming pools is carried out.
  3. Disinfection of sun loungrs and bathrooms is carried out.
Kids’ club
  1. The staff is equipped with masks/visors and gloves.
  2. The kids’ corner is disinfected on a regular basis.


  1. When a guest displays clear signs of illness, such as a persistent cough, malaise, a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, difficulty breathing, loss of smell, disturbance and loss of taste, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle aches, and so on, the Crisis Team and RHI, the medical institution with which the hotel has a contract, are notified.
  2. The guest will be given a mask and will be isolated from other tourists in a designated room.
  3. After the guest has been isolated, the areas where they stayed will be disinfected.
  4. The RHI instructions will be followed for each case.

It is our collective responsibility to protect each other’s health. As a result, we want to emphasize once again how vital it is to follow the directions you receive from our staff both before and during your visit.

In the interest of general safety, we would like to make the following main recommendations:
  1. Follow the disinfection and personal hygiene regulations
  2. Wear personal protective equipment, especially masks, in all enclosed spaces.
  3. Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
  4. Learn about the COVID-19 Safety Rules on our website and follow the signs on the territory of the complex!
  5. After using disposable packaging and consumables, you must dispose of them at a waste disposal points immediately after use;
  6. In case of headache, dry cough, fever and fatigue, you must contact the hotel reception by phone call without leaving your room.

Dear guests, we hope you will appreciate the precautions we have taken, which you should review prior to your arrival at the hotel.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope that you will adhere to and strictly follow these instructions.


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