Safety measures for COVID-19

For safe accommodation at COVID 19
Crowds will not be allowed at the reception, and guests will wait in line in the lobby at a distance from each other and check in one at a time.

When staying in groups, guests will wait in front of the hotel and will be admitted in stages for check-in.

After each registration the work surfaces will be disinfected;


Room cleaning at COVID-19


The hotel is ready to welcome and ensure the safety of its guests in accordance with the viral situation. The following disinfection and health security measures have been taken:


When disinfecting the hotel rooms, the main emphasis will be on the bathrooms and all objects and surfaces that are often touched - remotes, lighting switches, handles, knobs and more.

to avoid the risk of disease, the rooms will be cleaned only at the request of the guests, using the sign.


Dirty linen and towels must be taken to the laundry basket on the maid's carts, and in no case should guests place them on the floor.


Мерки при COVID-19 в заведенията за хранене

Upon entering the restaurants, guests will again be invited to disinfect their hands on a specially placed disinfectant dispenser at the entrance of each restaurant.

All employees will be equipped with safety equipment.

In the restaurant the staff will make sure there are no crowds and guests will be accommodated in stages at the required distance. Access to food and beverages will be provided by dedicated staff.

After each meal, the trade hall will be disinfected;


The surfaces of the buffet and other auxiliary modules for offering food and drinks as well as the worktop of the bar in the restaurant will be disinfected.

Disinfection in the same order will be done on all vending machines with emphasis on the buttons.



Препоръки към гостите

Не трябва да забравяме, че опазването на здравето е споделена отговорност! Именно поради това се обръщаме към всички вас в името на общата безопасност със следните препоръки:

   *Всеки един от вас като гост на Хотел Каменец  да спазва правилата за лична дезинфекция.

     *Да се поддържа дистанция.

     *Да се запознаете с информационните табла с правила за безопасност, които са поставени във фоайето на избрания от вас хотел.

      *Не на последно място при главоболие, суха кашлица, температура над 37°С и отпадналост задължително трябва да се обърнете към рецепцията на хотела, като се обадите, без да напускате стаята си.

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