The Castle Of Ravadinovo

2 km away from Sozopol, inland to the village rises Ravadinovo strange, romantic and majestic building. Viewed from the air like a cross, viewed from the lake - a children's story.

The building exterior is decorated with ornaments made of brass, which we refer to the legendary chivalrous times.

They hang on the stone walls, encased in the rear of the castle with thick ivy.

The towers are decorated with copper and brass. Everywhere there are statues in the garden, huge wooden lanterns with beautiful carvings, stone birds and mermaids.

Once you enter the mansion through a large stone gate, the visitor took to the unique palace.

It is a beautiful arch, a copy of Hadrian in Istanbul.Behind it you find yourself in a fairy tale garden with a lake in which swimming couple white and four black swans, which impart unique atmosphere of aristocratic atmosphere. The owner wants all to know that anyone can come here anytime and see the castle.

"I did it in Bulgaria, because we were born here and die here, and it will stay ..."


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