Interesting facts about Kiten

Kiten was founded in 1931 by Greek immigrants from neighboring villages, directly on the beach.

The city is built on an ancient Roman village called Urdoviza. It is located in the north of the mouth of the river Karaagach a part of it -on the small peninsula Urdoviza. The shores of this peninsula are steep and high - between 10 and 15 meters. It is long about120 meters and it is  wide between 60 to 80 m. The coastline that connects it with the town is very narrow - less than 100 meters. Nowadays the greater part of the village is located outside the peninsula.

The history of the village dates back to the ancient times. Next to Kiten can still be seen the ruins of the fortress' Urdoviza ", located 35 km. away from Sozopol on the Black Sea peninsula of the same name.

The name comes from the distant Bronze Age in ancient Trakiya - founded 3200 years ago. It is an ancient Thracian settlement, which is confirmed by the archaeological findings of ancient stone anchors, pottery from the late Bronze Age,classical and Hellenistic pottery (mainly fragments of amphorae), fragments of Roman vessels bits. Such findings were found in the two bays around the peninsula. Nowadays here still lay the remains of the fortress wall that was blocking the peninsula from the mainland. By the end of the XIX century the fortress wall was well preserved.

Today, Kiten is a very beautiful place for recreation for Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Here you can practice different types of water sports like sailing, underwater archeology, water skiing and more. It has a soccer field, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pools and a variety of other sports.

Entertainment - excursions and picnics in the park "Strandja" and the "Ropotamo" reserve are available for all tourists. There are also tours to the coastal resorts - Primorsko, Sozopol, Nessebar, Dunes etc. You can visit the village Yasna Polyana and Pismenovo that offer conditions for rural tourism.

Children are offered all sorts of entertainment. In Wonderland has a Ferris wheel, gondola, shooting, football bumper cars and much more. There are also a couple of internet club in the village of Kiten. There are Neptunes concerts and carnivals organized every summer. For movie fans there is an outdoor cinema with the latest films of the season.

Restaurants and entertainment - in the many cozy restaurants and fast food bars is served a variety of food - from the Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian and Greek cuisine. The opened night bars, clubs, sport centers, indoor and outdoor pools, gondola, Luna Park offer a wide variety of entertainments.