About Nessebar


This ancient city with a rich history is located on a romantic rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow channel.

The peninsula is about 850 m long and 300 m wide. There are preserved valuable monuments from all periods of its thousand-year existence: the old city walls from the Roman period and the Middle Ages, Byzantine or Old Bulgarian churches and old houses from the XVIII and XIX centuries.

The greatest treasure of the city are the numerous churches: from the Early Byzantine period there are two- "St. Sofia" / Old Metropolitan / - One of the most impressive buildings in the town of Nessebar and the Basilica of the North Shore "Eleusa" from the V - VI century.

Because of its unique historical importance in 1983 Nessebar was included in the list of World Cultural Heritage.

Nowadays the old part of the city is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets, among the small shops, selling handmade souvenirs such as craft, knitting and jewelry. This wonderful antique atmosphere gives an incredible opportunity for relaxation.

The numerous restaurants scattered along the narrow, winding streets or near the coast are wonderful places for having a little rest during the day and also for pleasant experiences. There you can try dishes from our national cuisine- fish delicacies, poultry, exotic cocktails and drinks, combined with high standards of service. In addition there are many other opportunities for recreation - yachting or boating, fishing, bike rentals, water sports and much more.

As an international tourist center, Nessebar is famous for its harbor, which is part of many world cruises. In the north and south of the city there are wide beaches and sand dunes,which crests form a fabulous natural phenomenon.

  If you are looking for something special, here is where imagination pales before reality.